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Best face changing apps

Unless you are total narcissist who can't tear themselves away from every reflective they find, we all get a little bored of what we see in the mirror each morning.

FaceRig - What If You Were A Hamburger? - Part 1

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Face Morph App for Android

Face Morph App for Android lets you add nice morph effects to photos and save morphing as video. See complete review here: ...

New Snapchat Lenses (How To Get New Face Effects) - Geektalks #12

These new Snapchat features are really funny and hilarious! This video will show you how to get it (click show more) Note From Snapchat Website: "Lenses ...

Face Switch App

Blend, morph faces in a NEW effective way - simply with a swipe of a finger ! Mix WHO you want the WAY you want ! Have you ever wondered how would you ...

Face Story App Preview

App game :Animal face changer

MSQRD android App testing , funny live faces swap video

MSQRD is a very nice face mask changing video application and you can see your face change in real time video is good also fro snapshot photos.

Face merge app android free apk full pro

Download here: Face merge app android free apk full pro face ...

MorphMe Face Morph App for iPhone change yourself to a kitty cat and say a big meow

This is an app I have been playing around with. It is a morphing app. it's cool.

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